15 February, 2017

Post With Stunning Mobile

Almost any consumer carries a mobile either the Android or any other operating system, capable of running the latest applications. Bigger brands have to convert their marketing regime onto to the mobile and enable the consumer to shop through the mobile phone. This is a digital generation that is fast and portable. This generation likes to shop through their fingertips. People prefer to shop through their mobile devices or the PDAs. Big corporations have realized now that the mCommerce is the fastest growing platform through which they can generate substantial or core of their revenue. It was started in the 2000s, as the websites were allowed the visitors to use it on their mobile devices. They were referred to as the mobile friendly. Then, later on, these websites were converted into the mobile first site, which means that the site is preferably open on the mobile device rather than a computer or other non-portable devices.

Responsive design changed the Game

There were some gradual improvements in the presentation and the functionality of the websites that resulted in the current vibrant websites. In that process of improvement, Responsive design played an eminent role. With the help of the Responsive Design techniques, websites have become more users friendly. They are more vibrant and colorful that attracts and engages the reader with the content. It made the websites, the optimal location to make transactions by creating a relationship. The viewer can now easily read the content due to the responsive design. It transforms the websites into the something generic that can be viewed through any device or operating system. Although, the Responsive Design was not that perfect as there were some incompatibility issues with the mobile browsers. Then, there was something new came that impacted the whole ecommerce regime. It was the Bolt-on that made these websites the online store.

How to Define M-Commerce?

It is simply a platform through which consumers can make transactions, either buy or sell on the mobile phones. Other devices are also included in this type of commerce like the personal digital assistants or PDA. In the year 1997 at the Global Mobile Commerce Forum it was first introduced. It is estimated the mobile commerce industry will reach the total of $700 billion. In the year 2012, Walmart released an astonishing stat that says that the 40% of the sales generated through online stores, comprised of mobile devices. Even the Bank of America had the projections of generating $67.1 billion, with the help of mobile devices. Mobile commerce is growing day by day as more people are buying through their smart phones. These phones are also becoming advance to help that cause as well. As the usage of mobile devices is increasing, the app developers are also making new and dynamic applications to sooth the user and provide some solution to them.

Implications of M-Commerce

M-commerce is everywhere, whether personal purchasing or buying for the business. It is a fact that around 52% of the total consumers utilizes the mobile devices to do the research and also conduct transactions that are meant for their businesses. Business-to-Business transactions are mostly done through the mobile. Many of the leading enterprises are possessed with the mobile application to whether the Android or IOS, to make transactions and also gives the option to make payment through these apps. Every e-store operates the mobile application that has the shopping cart for the consumers. One of the most popular Indian electronic stores called Myntra had just converted all their operations to their mobile applications. The users don’t even have the option to visit the website from any other platform except for mobile. All their consumers are on the mobile so they didn’t need their website. This is called the revolution of the m-commerce as the entire transactions of Myntra are now entertained through a mobile app.

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