06 February, 2017

Post With Stunning Instant Apps

Google hope to revolutionise mobile shopping by introducing Instant Apps. Instant Apps will facilitate the instant running of your Apps, doing away with the time consuming process of downloading and installation.

What Will Instant Apps Do For You?

Ultimately, the move is about speed and convenience – Google’s idea being that a device, which is easier to use, makes for happier customers. The goal is to provide you with an ever greater level of expedience by offering you a way in which to harvest all the benefits of your native retail app – without first having to first install it.

This will make for smooth shopping transactions for your customers as a retailer, much simpler than shopping by any other means.

How Will They Improve Online Shopping?

Google expects Instant Apps to be particularly game-changing for mobile shopping. However they are identical to retail apps as they are – advertising of your app is still essential. The only difference is that you won’t have to go to the trouble of downloading the app. So what are the advantages of this novelty?

Firstly, the change will mean that customers who are shopping on the web with desktop or mobile devices will have a very similar experience to those using apps to shop online. According to research which has been undertaken by Google, a number of factors indicate that shoppers prefer the native app experience. Statistically, app users are more faithful customers, as well as more attentive.

Secondly, the most obvious advantage to customers is that Instant Apps will save them some time. Additionally, since they run online they don’t take up a permanent residence on your hard-drive, and so they are also space savers.

Thirdly, Instant Apps are easily accessible from anywhere. By using universal links to divert people, they will be able to immediately access an app from, for example, Facebook or Google Search.

Other Easy App Innovations

Along with Instant Apps, recent inventions Universal Links and App Indexing are designed to make the app experience more useful.

Universal Links are used to direct customers to installed apps via advertisements or links within other sources. App indexing is a method with has been developed to display apps in Google web searches. This means that you have a new means of promotion for your app, which can be directly installed from the web search result.

Apps in the Future

Google’s research indicates that apps are a more popular means by which to shop online than by surfing on the web. It is with this in mind, they are hoping that Instant Apps will reform our online shopping habits.

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