07 January, 2017

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Have you ever heard of haptic feedback? If you are like me, this is a new term and you have never heard of this before. It is a very technical and is fairly new. Just as taptic engine is a rather new term but represents a pretty cool development in mobile user experience. Apple used taptic engine to produce haptic feedback. However, there is a simple way to explain how it works so if you want to learn what it means so continue to read for this I try to make it simple.

Apple used taptic engine to produce haptic feedback


The taptic engine is used by Apple in the latest iPhone7 and does what is called buzzing. Apple uses this technology to let users feel when they change a selection. What this means is that the device gives a little buzz when something new happens on the screen, which is called haptic feedback.

How does this really work?

We at GO use technology to master human understanding or in other words we love technology or research, which helps us, enhance the user experience forward. Hence, we are already in how we could implement haptic feedback in the very next mobile app to give our clients’ users next level user experience and this is how we make our of for our clients’ users.

Well when you, the user, add something to your cart you not only continue to see the animation but it also gives a little buzz. Just as when you have zoomed to max capacity on the screen your phone will give you a little buzz to let you know you have gone as far as you can.

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