16 January, 2017

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Change is the super important, and when we talk about the Fashion industry, change is the keyword that drives the world. With every passing day and every oncoming season, fashion undergoes a change, and every once in a while; someone comes up with a fashion revolution that changes the way everyone dresses.

about the Fashion industry change is the keyword that drives the world

Setting trends and following them is fine and all but who and how do people learn about it? Who are the people who set trends and who are creative ones that put so much thought into creating clothes? Fashion designers? Or the brands? Or the general masses? Honestly, there are more than 1 factors that contribute towards the building of a style and subsequently a brand. And right now, we are going to look at a kind of fashion presentation and brand building style that is not only new to Pakistan but will also revolutionize how people shop and look at the online fashion industry.

This style mixes how we perceive fashion online. The days of browsing through millions of products and then thinking about ‘where and how do I wear it’ are about to end, and we are definitely going to end it. AND the era of looking smart and sassy on every big and small occasion is about to start.

The style that we are going to introduce to the fashion industry in a few days will mix content; thoughts, style guide and even the complete look on a single page. This means that you will never have to think what to wear when to wear, how to wear and the biggest question ever – matching shoes? Every answer, every solution will be right there in front of you. We are talking about bringing together every small aspect of ‘look good’ and help the users to look smart and help the brands to look smarter.

Enough about how content style presentation of the significant reasons:fashion industry can help the consumer, why should you as a brand worry about joining this revolution? We have some

1. You get to be the first ones to be on it

This is the future, there is no second thought on that; and since you are already being informed about it, there is no reason you should not be a part of it. Although it sounds complicated and mixed, it is a kind of platform that has been designed keeping user experience in mind and therefore there is no way that this can fail.

2. You get a chance to showcase the best

Most of the businesses right now do not own an app, and even if they do, the conventional style of presentation does not impress anyone anymore. The style that we are talking about gives your brand to showcase the best products from your inventory in a lively way. The content that binds the product images on our platform enables you to send your message to the potential customer.

3. Your products your way

Fashion with all its colours and frills can be complicated and hard for people to carry. Therefore, telling people how’s and what’s of your product is a thing that fashion brands have been trying to accomplish since last decade. This combined with ever-changing technical environment around us makes it hard for the Brands to teach the buyers the right sense of fashion. Our intended style on the other hands reduces the communication gap between the style and the statement and gives the brands a chance to coach the perfect fashion sense to the customers.

4. Reach Masses

Another major problem with having your own app is the fact that not everyone will be installing it. A small survey conducted by us revealed that there could be three reasons for this:

  1. a. User does not want ‘yet another’ app on their mobile phone.
  2. b. The user does not even know your brand exists.
  3. c. User likes and prefers another brand.
However, investing time and labour in an app like ours ensures that even if the user does not like or knows about your brand, he will go through your catalogue. All that is left now is to impress the buyer and mint some money.

5. A different traffic source

For any business to survive online, getting traffic is a must. Brands and even the smallest of websites are always looking for different sources that can get the traffic. Through your website and app, you only attract traffic that is loyal to you but with our platform, you reach out to a wider audience which includes people who know you, people who don’t and people who you would otherwise never be able to reach.

6. Collaborative approach

Another thing that came up in a little survey we did was the fact that users want everything under one roof. This means that they want the ability to buy a shirt as well shoes from a single place. Now, not every brand produces everything. Some brands do it but then what about the brands that only produce shirts or the ones that only manufacture socks? These brands rarely make it to the user’s priority list and are left behind. Our platform bridges the gap between the shirts and the socks and enables every brand to showcase and probably sell their products under a ‘single roof’.

7. Recognition for the upcoming and rising brandse

The brand that manufactures socks will never invest in a mobile application and eventually fail from tapping in thousands of potential customers. The only way they can sell their product online is through e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, which comes with its rules and regulations. Our platform eliminates the need of having your own application and still reach to the thousand potential customers that you were earlier losing. With this kind of recognition and a collaborative approach that we discussed earlier, you will definitely be your bank’s best customer.

The fashion industry is hard to crack and tapping the right customer is even more challenging. With the kind of approach that we are developing and proposing right now, is definitely a win-win not only for the fashion brands but also for the consumers. Getting online is just the first step for you but making sales and bucks is what you really need, and in case you are looking for a future proof plan to cash in money, you just read the most valuable stuff.

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