21 December, 2016

Post With Stunning Part 2

Over the last few years, the face of marketing has changed, or rather has been evolving to a much personal level. Thanks to the smartphones, especially Android and iPhones, ecommerce will undergo a massive change in terms of clientele and shopping mediums, and the fashion industry is most affected by it.

Why? Here are 12 reasons:

7. Convenient to use

A single tap on the app icon is all it takes to reach your store on a mobile phone. This is so much easier than opening a browser and typing a URL. Thus, from the convenience point of view, apps are simply loved by people.

8. Brand Building

Your app can help you gain brand awareness. A user who has your app installed on his mobile will probably come across your brand name and logo when he browses through the menu; this will slowly make your logo recognizable and make the user aware of your brand and who knows, it may even arouse curiosity.

9. Easy to Build and Maintain

Apps are simple and easy to make. Most of the smartphone operating systems developers have readymade frameworks which the app developers can directly use to create powerful and exciting applications. This is not the case with websites where almost everything has to be custom coded and then double tested. Since most of the source is already available in case of an app, the effort and the subsequent money that goes into creating an app (in regard to ROI) is lesser that what goes into creating a mobile friendly website

10. Extreme Customizations

When it comes to mobile websites, there are hundreds of code limitations that are hard to overcome. These limitations make your campaigns weak which eventually lead to low conversion rates, whereas, in case of a mobile app, it seamlessly integrates with already existing features of the phone (like showing and reading notifications) which gives you an opportunity to customize your mobile app the way you want.

11. Integrated Social Media

A mobile app in such a scenario can help you reach the social feeds by allowing the users to share their favorite clothes and accessories on their social media accounts by just a single tap on the integrated sharing icons.

12. Stands Out

When a user opens a browser to buy a shirt, he can go to any website or simply use a search engine to find one. If you are a new business or do not have a SEO friendly website, chances are that the user will not even reach your website. In such a case, an app that is resting on a user’s mobile phone will be the first one to be browsed by the user instead of using a search engine.

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