31 January, 2017

Post With Stunning Fashion (Part 2)

Fashion House at first looks like an app that is developed for the user only. However, if you think as a brand, this app is what a brand needs. It has everything – a way to reach people, an interface to win trust and hearts, an approach to sell things and ever ready to help development team. On top of it, you practically just sit and earn without worrying about how to get people download and use your app. Here are a few reasons why Brands should invest in Fashion House:

  • The developers have it all figured out and ready to include you in their catalogue as soon as you agree and are ready for a launch. You do not need to spend hours thinking about the interface or days running behind developers who usually go rogue. A few emails and you are ready to fire.
  • Getting the app on the mobile phones is a headache that the company running Fashion House will take care. You just need to keep your catalogue updated and your bank accounts ready to receive a lot of money.
  • Most of the business owners think that publishing an app is as simple as eating a pie. You wish it was that simple! Publishing an app consumes a lot of time and energy. You have to think creatively and come up with clever yet converting copies that will make a user download and use your application. You cannot simply put an app on the market and give some puppy eyes to people and expect them to start using your app.
  • Fashion House is already in the market and is being used by thousands every single day. This means that your potential customer is already looking for you at a place where you are absent. My advice – get their and earn some money.
  • Feedback forms an important part of any sales system. A mobile application is no different. Fashion House allows the brands to look at their analytics and understand customer behavior, so that you can make better business decisions. This feature also allows you to know the kind and demographics of your customer and thus produce things intended for that particular demographic. HINT: A 20-year-old girl will never prefer to look at the maternity clothes.

Apart from joining the Fashion House common store, you can even start your own dedicated store which can be directly controlled form the same control panel as the common store. This increases the flexibility and decreases the time that goes into maintaining and updating the stores.

All in all, Fashion House is an app that brings out the best of fashion for the readers as well as the brands. Readers get everything they need to look good and brands get the traffic they need to make big money.

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