06 Decamder, 2016

Post With Stunning (Part 1)

Over the last few years, the face of marketing has changed, or rather has been evolving to a much personal level. Thanks to the smartphones, especially Android and iPhones, ecommerce will undergo a massive change in terms of clientele and shopping mediums, and the fashion industry is most affected by it.

Why? Here are 12 reasons:

1. It is the latest thing

If you are into the ever-changing fashion industry, staying in trend is one thing that you simply cannot afford to miss. If you are not following the trend, you will end up losing business. Same goes for the medium of your marketing. Mobile apps are the latest method of selling online and being a fashion brand you cant afford to ignore it.

2. You are now on the move

Mobile apps allow a customer to find and buy your products anywhere. The big brands have realized this and thus are moving towards more movable and handy kind of ecommerce, which is nowadays being popularly termed as mobile commerce.

3. Targeted Marketing

Announcing a sale or an exclusive deal was never this easy. With the latest features and developments, you can now announce the special deal on the customer’s mobile screen itself.

4. Impulsive buy

With mobile apps, big fashion brands are already banking upon the human nature of impulsive buying. These brands, once in a while, broadcast a ridiculously sweet deal (say 80% off for next 4 hours only) right in the customer mobile notification area, which mostly converts. Thus, a beautiful mobile app combined with a killer sales copy is all you need to get rid of the last year’s surplus stock in your warehouse.

5. Power to influence

Smartphones have become a lifeline these days. Mobile apps give you a chance to influence your buyers and tell them why your brand is better than the rest. A mobile app can help you not only sell a skirt, but it can also help you gain customer’s confidence by educating them on why a certain kind of fabric is better for the environment.

6. Affordable medium

Thanks to cheap manufacturing costs, an entry level smartphone on which an app can be installed costs just a little less than a hundred bucks. This is peanuts as compared to a thousand dollar price tag carried by a Mac. Therefore, mobiles provide a wider spectrum of clients as compared to that provided by a computer or a laptop.

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