25 January, 2017

Post With Stunning Fashion

If there is one word that can change your personality game and bring you fame, that would be, fashion. In all its forms, traditional, ethnic or modern, fashion, in every century, has played an important part in the human lifecycle. It not only changes the way we look ourselves, it also changes the way people look at us. Bright colored clothes when accessorized with matching shoes and belt does grab the attention it intends to whereas the shabby look you regularly carry grabs the attention that it does not intend. Yes, fashion is this important.

All this and we still do not have enough resources on finding the trending fashion online in Pakistan. It’s not like our traditions do not want us to look good or, as the world thinks, we are still in the 1920s, it’s just that the people who run the fashion industry in our country haven’t realized that how badly the young Pakistan needs some fashion advice. We are excellent with our whites and blacks but why just limit it to the ethnic when we know we can even ace the western fashion master race.

Thankfully, someone was thinking the same and finally decided to give the country the only thing it was lacking – an advanced and powerful fashion app. This app is aimed at helping you understand and decide what to wear and what to throw. It brings you the best and the latest things from the fashion mansions and helps you build your own unique fashion sense. You can now browse from hundreds of looks, thousands of brands and millions of products at a finger tap. The fashion world for you is about to change; FOR THE GOOD!

While I was browsing through the app (or getting my mind blown through the app), I was amazed by the kind of interface and the style the app carries. The developers have looked at the fashion apps in a different way that usual and created a unique approach to the everyday fashion websites you usually visit. Fashion House, as the developers and Google play store calls it is like an all-in-one fashion solution with a shortcut to look good. It lets you browse through any fashion store as per your choice and shop as you normally do on the internet. However, there are a few things that sets this app apart from the others. Let’s quickly go through them.

  • A single social sign up means that you do not have to sign up one by one on many different places just to buy one piece of clothing. Instead, you sign up just one and start buying from as many stores as you want.
  • The app also allows you to stay updated with the latest trends through push notifications. This means that everything you need to know is always in your notification bar.
  • If you are not sure what to wear to the next office party or your best friend’s wedding, the catalogue in the app and the readymade looks have your back. Browse through them, put a finger on one, smile and press the buy button - as simple as that!
  • Another reason to use Fashion House is their amazing Loyalty Program, which lets you earn rewards and points based on your activity within the app. You can redeem these rewards and points as and when you like.
  • Fashion House accepts many different payment methods. The traditional method of using credit cards online functions as good as the modern wallets that are slowly gaining popularity. For the people who have little trust on the online money transactions, they even have cash on delivery option.

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